About Us

We are a group of Industry Representatives keeping you informed on what is going on in the music industry and helping you to make the right "connexions".

Join an Artist Community designed to promote and provide for artists who are unsigned, undiscovered or independent.

Join 'The Connexion Music Group' and exhibit your talents to a worldwide audience, industry representatives and music vendors. Let the world discover your music. If you have an amazing inspiring story and would like to share it with everyone or become a writer for us send us your story and information and one of our representatives would contact you.

Let me explain a little on how we work and what we do. We are like Head Hunters... we find musicians/artists and put them in the right hands and or shop them. We are in the position to do this because we have access to major industry contacts such as Ish Entertainment, VH1, Warner Nashville, Interscope Records. Verve Records, Fredwreck, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog. David Foster. Mark Sudack, Brickyard Films, UX Entertainment.  plus many many more.

A one time fee of $200.00 is all you need to get the ball rolling and access to our Connexions. What we DO NOT do is shop just anyone and or anything that is NOT done professionally, or simply does not have that "wow factor".  We have to maintain our credibility and reputation with our peers and contacts. 

Once we receive your music and it has that WOW Factor we will then proceed with the next step which is a $200.00 fee for handling and processing to make the Connexions for you.  If by chance we do not consider that you have that WOW Factor we will explain the reasons why and give you some heart felt advise for free and you can try again.

Remember in this business it's who you know plus you only have one shot so you need to hit them with your best shot and make them WOW!

Contact us at:  Leslie@theconnexionmusicgroup.com