Saturday, December 29, 2012

Global Music Exchange

Indie Connect is a global business club for independent artists, musicians, singers, songwriters, record labels, music professionals, and service providers. Our members come together both live and online to support each other by sharing ideas, expertise, contacts, and resources. Founded in 2008 by Vinny and Connie Ribas, its mission is to unite people from all areas of the independent music industry under one umbrella organization for the sole purpose of helping and supporting each other.

Some of the services Indie Connect provides include:

Live Chapters
Indie Connect has live chapters in Nashville, New York City, Los Angeles, Sarasota, and Atlanta. and more are being added on a regular basis. Local chapters offer networking events, workshops and more.

We offer 2 levels of membership based on your industry experience and goals so you are not paying for anything you don’t need.

We conduct both live and online networking events, workshops, seminars and more.

Live and Online Coaching
Members have access to live coaching conference calls, live chats, forums, groups, and much more.

Online Training
Members have access to 80+ expert video workshops, hundreds of articles, valuable tools, podcasts, and more on how to improve their chances of success in the industry.

Indie Connect Magazine
This free blog features videos, articles, resources, and more for indie artists.

Member-Only Community
Indie Connect features an exclusive member-only online community specifically designed to make it easy for members to make the connections they need as well as get their industry-related questions answered.

Member Benefits
Our members get many benefits, including discounts from partners such as Broadjam and Airplay Direct, plus discounts on hotels, books, songwriter services, organization memberships, and more.

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