Sunday, November 11, 2012

Independent Artist in today's Industry

There are many talented unsigned artist today looking for the golden nugget of a deal. The general perception is to make the music that is being heard on the radio today and have a following of supporters, along with a few other key ingredients and the major labels will come knocking at your door. Not always true and sometimes having a major deal.... can be a major pain.

What artists today need to understand and do more than ever is to study the business side of the industry as well as understand their craft. To arm your self with the knowledge of how contracts are structured, publishing rights and other language that is buried deep within major contracts can restrict the earning potential and creative control the artist may have thought they had. There are many websites that can be googled to help artists understand the many pitfalls that await within this industry. The Connexion Music Group is one of many entities that look to help independent artist expose their music in the proper format and give them the direction sorely needed to navigate the industry.

In my upcoming blogs I will list many different websites for artist to view to have a understanding of where to look for guidance. Being in this game in some capacity myself for 10 years has opened my eyes to a lot of things and I want to make sure that those who are just starting off or even those who have been doing this for sometime understand where the avenues are for them to make informed business decisions about their careers. Ultimately it is up to the artist to take ownership of their careers and push it in the direction towards sustainability and longevity.

James "Dagga" Love

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