Saturday, October 27, 2012

Chicago Flows and The Connexion Music Group

My first official blog for the Connexion Music Group as a contributor is well..... pretty exciting for myself. Tonight I will be attending the DJ Unk Concert promoted by UG Promotions from the South Side of Chicago. Needless to say many people know that Chicago has a wide array of talented artist, but most independent artist have limited access to many reputable connections in the industry to have themselves heard.

Over the next several months there will be some opportunities presented to many of these artist who I will do my best to give exposure to on a wider scale. I will provide not only a local perspective for artist here in Chicago, but other artist outside of Chicago to perform here locally. The goal is to open up the independent arena and allow talented artist to express themselves outside of the venues they may have performed at hundreds of times to the same crowds and not gaining any additional exposure.

I will also give my insight on the industry from a different perspective and break different methods of trying to gain exposure. There are many outlets to be used, but most do not know where or how to utilize those outlets. Chicago Flows and The Connexion Music Group intend on providing the tools and vehicle for artist to use every opportunity provided to give themselves more exposure.

This is all for now as my first official blog, but certainly will not be the last and look for more links, information and exciting things to come very soon!

James "Dagga" Love

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