Saturday, August 11, 2012


Clever started off by writing Poetry at the tender age of 12 but deep down in his heart he was always a fan of Hip Hop music and slowly but surely by 13 he made the transition into writing and recordingHip Hop.  At 16 he had everybody in school listening to his music. He did a local freestyle battle competition for 7 weeks straight and there wasn't one single person who could touch him. 

Clever started building a name for himself and was doing shows in his  hometown of Gadsden, Alabama and in around Sweet Home Alabama, when a DJ of one of the biggest radio shows in Alabama got word that there was a freestyle battler that was untouchable so he created a segment around Clever called "I Spit Nice" where people would call in just to battle Clever.
He was live on the air for most of the shows, girls were calling in like crazy asking and begging for more of Clever so the DJ would have him rap a verse just for the ladies. 

During this time Clever always dreamed of going on 106th and Park and winning the freestyle competition and it wasn't long before he got that opportunity to make that dream a reality. At the young age of 19 Clever and a friend took a 24 hour bus ride to New York and stood in line with thousands to audition to a panel of judges who were so impressed with his ability that they then put Clever up against every white rapper from there on out. They played a clip a few months later on BET of the battle rappers to come and out of so many that auditioned, they played only 12 second clips of three different rappers.. Clever was one of them.

It was a long and heartfelt wait and didn't realize the auditions was held for next years contenders.  Finally at 20 he made his television debut on BET's 106th and Park, went up against a rapper that was one win away from the Hall of Fame on 106.  After the battle was over the crowd was chanting Clever's name as if he WAS the winner, but Kurtis Blow and some A&R's from Bad Boy 
thought otherwise. Once back on stage he was so upset that he couldn't see straight when a producer of the show approached him and at first he had no idea who he was and really didn't feel like talking but he then said to Clever that he truly felt that he was cheated out of this win and continued to ask Clever if he wanted to do BET's Spring Bling in Miami to redeem himself. He then went into his next battle with a different attitude, he knew being a white rapper that a win was going to have to be undeniable.  Three rounds into Spring Bling Clever took home the crown.

He always sang for girlfriends but deep down he always wanted his singing to be a surprise in the music industry, he wanted to make it as a rapper and then out of no where show them his other side. The ladies were always pushing him to add some singing to his music and he eventually gave in and became a hybrid. He continued to make mixtapes after mixtapes and doing local tours when he was asked by a radio station that covers all of North Alabama to be a DJ Monday-Saturday from 7pm-12am.  It wasn't long before he had the biggest radio show in North Alabama and turned a mixed music radio station into 75% Hip Hop. He had the experience he needed between going on TV and being disappointed and then going back on TV and then being on top of the game and then going live on the radio. 
Clever then got into some trouble that ended him up in Jail but had a hometown that believed in him and supported him. Needless to say Clever came out on fire and ready to shake  the grounds of music. It was just a minor set back for a major come back!!!

** Clever has a unique sound a sound that is distinct and different of anything out there and not to mention an amazing marketable look that is good for the eyes!!  I can almost guarantee that Clever will be a huge hit!!!


  1. Emily Michelle Sisk Ok I'm not gonna lie... This is the first song I've heard by him!!! I just fell in love with his voice!!!!!!
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  2. Greg Woodall He has a very distinctive voice for sure which is what I like best about him. These days everyone on the radio sounds the same. The last 10-15 years of radio has turned me into a musical snob, it takes a lot to impress me and this young man has impressed me.