Thursday, June 7, 2012


Songwriting Opportunity

Songwriter's songs sent to Record Labels and PublishersThe top 50 songs from the Song of the Year songwriting contest will be sent to major and minor record labels, music publishers, managers, booking agents and more (including Warner Music, EMI Music, Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music). Song of the Year has many music resources who are always excited to review the top songwriters in the contest for further consideration. Enter your songs or lyrics today athttp://www.songoftheyear.net.
Songwriters receive over $80,000 cash and prizes

The Song of the Year song & lyric contest will award over $80,000 cash and prizes to the top writers in the contest. The deadline to enter the songwriting contest is June 12th, 2012. International entries are accepted. Submit your best songs today athttp://www.songoftheyear.net.

Ten Songwriting Categories
The songwriting contest offers ten categories so that everyone has a category that best fits their songwriting style. The ten categories are: Pop, Country, Rock, Lyric Only, Instrumental, Hip-Hop, Christian, Adult Contemporary, Folk and Dance

Only the "songwriting" merits of the songs and lyrics are reviewed and judged. Production quality is not taken into consideration. Home recordings are accepted. More information at http://www.songoftheyear.net.

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