Friday, April 20, 2012

GI Jams / EMI Music World-Wide Publishing Administration

We at GI Jams are very excited to announce that we have gotten together with EMI Music Publishing, the largest music publisher in the world, on an agreement that will provide GI Jams musical military artist members the chance to have your original songs administrated and represented World-Wide through GI Jams by EMI Music Publishing.
In line with our mission to promote and support our musical artists, we are glad to say that the opportunity for involvement in this GI Jams /EMI Music writer/publisher administration relationship will now be open to our respective songwriters, based on the necessary arrangements and the songs and recordings involved.
As with other of the major music and record companies, Randell & Schippers have a longstanding relationship with EMI Music and as a result of that and EMI's great belief in and appreciation of our goals on behalf of our GI Jams military musical artists who are songwriters, we have been able to make this agreement.
We are extremely happy that we have already been able to include in it those of our GI Jams writer/publishers whose songs are featured on our 1st GI Jams Compilation Album, and we look forward to expanding the roster of those involved to include other of our GI Jams songwriters whenever possible.
We are working closely with EMI Music's great professional staff to provide opportunities for the music of our GI Jams songwriters involved.
In announcing the GI Jams/EMi Music Agreement, EMI Music Publishing Vice President of Legal & Business Affairs Stephen J. Dallas said: “We’ve been privileged to work with Denny for a considerable time now, and we’re excited about partnering with him and Biddy as they continue to build this important new enterprise. GI Jams provides active and veteran service men and women with a valuable outlet for their musical talents, and we’re looking forward to representing their original compositions across the world.”
We thank Stephen Dallas, EMI President Roger Faxon and everyone at EMI, both those involved with us in making this agreement and those who are now working with us to promote our GI Jams writers' songs, including for potential uses in Movies, TV shows and commercials and we look forward to success for all involved.

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