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LOS ANGELES (April 2, 2012)- Every April, thousands of songwriters from around the globe meet in LA to consider the timeless-yet-peculiar art form they all share at the ASCAP “I Create Music” EXPO. Attendees take in speeches by music industry legends, attend workshops, mentoring sessions, artist showcases, and panel discussions. This year, one panel will examine an emerging area of opportunity for songwriters and highlight just how much music for advertising has changed in the last fifteen years.

“Not very long ago music used in advertising sounded completely different from music on the radio,” says Egg Music’s Eric Fawcett, moderator of the panel. “And people who made ad-music were not the same people making music you heard on the radio. Or if they were, they were secretive about it.”

Obviously, times have changed. “Jingles went away when self-consciousness and artifice became bad things in advertising,” explains Fawcett, “and suddenly the earnestness and authenticity of real songwriting became valuable ingredients in commercials. Today, advertisers want the track in their spot to sound like it was created by an artist who cares about the music he or she is making. And that’s exactly what’s happening behind the scenes. I’m not just talking about agencies licensing a completed song off an artist’s album. I’m talking about agencies wanting songwriters, real working artists, to compose music specifically for their commercial.”

Fawcett’s panel, “Ding Dong, The Jingle’s Dead: How Songwriters Build A Second Career In Commercial Music,” shines a light on what for many songwriters remains a mysterious world that seems out of reach to them.

“A lot of this work goes on at companies like Egg.” Egg, the music house Fawcett runs with his two partners, John Hermanson and Bryan Hanna, is a commercial music company that both creates custom scores and licenses existing tracks from recording artists at all levels for clients including Target, Calvin Klein, and Hilton. “Egg is only one of many really great music companies working with songwriters, often remotely,” Fawcett elaborates. “If a writer is good and fast, they can make a solid living doing this work. And if they’re good but not fast, then doing this work is actually good practice for artists who pine over their creations too much. In our business there’s no time to be overly precious about things. You have to learn to be creatively gutsy. We have a number of well-known artists on our call-list who do this work not only for extra income, but also because it’s a great creative exercise, and creatively liberating to try new things compositionally. This panel is about letting songwriters know about this advertising underworld, and telling them what they need to do in order to break in.”

Panelists will include Gabe Sokoloff, a songwriter with experience both inside and outside the ad-world; Shane Hutton, veteran agency copywriter whose use of music has helped shape songwriters’ role in advertising today ; Paul Schultz, executive producer at the LA-based commercial music company, Emoto; and Marisa Mastroianni, co-owner of Windfall Agency, a company that assists commercial composers in collecting royalty payments.


More about the ASCAP Expo:
The ASCAP "I Create Music" EXPO puts songwriters face to face with some of the world's most successful songwriters, composers, producers and music business leaders, all who willingly share their knowledge and expertise and give you the know-how to take your music to the next level.
Launched in 2006, the ASCAP "I Create Music" EXPO is the first and only national conference dedicated to songwriting and composing. Selling out in its inaugural year, the EXPO immediately provided a unique opportunity for songwriters, composers, publishers, producers - and those in the industry that support them - to come together in an unprecedented way to share their knowledge and expertise. In its short history, the innovative programming offered to attendees has grown to include celebrity Q&A's, master classes, songwriting and composing workshops, publisher and business panels, One-on-One sessions, DIY career building workshops, showcases and performances, song feedback panels, state-of-the-art technology demos as well as leading music industry exhibitors.
Some of the biggest names in music, both on the creative and business side, have participated in the past six EXPOs. The Keynote Interviews have been with Lindsey Buckingham interviewed by Sara Bareilles, Quincy Jones interviewed by Ludacris, a Conversation between Justin Timberlake & Bill Withers, John Mayer, Ann & Nancy Wilson (Heart), Jeff Lynne, Jon Bon Jovi & Richie Sambora, Jackson Browne, Steve Miller, Randy Newman and Tom Petty.

More about Egg Music:
Egg provides original scores, music supervision, audio production, and finishing for advertising, film, television, video games, and interactive media. 


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