Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hit Song Central is seeking to expand its catalog!

Hit Song Central is currently seeking to expand its catalog of songs to pitch for film and television placement opportunities. Our agreement is artist friendly and non-exclusive. We are currently seeking songs in the following genres: Pop, Rock, Alternative, Singer-Songwriter, Electronic, Indie. We are looking for songs that sound very current and would appeal to the CW demographic.

We've had great success in placing music in Film and TV, including One Tree Hill, Life Unexpected, The Secret Circle, Teen Wolf, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Pretty Little Liars, The Hills, as well as numerous feature films and advertisements. This is a great opportunity for your music to be added to a film and television catalog!

Songs must be broadcast quality (excellent home recordings are fine). Please submit songs with universal lyrics that can fit a number of Film/TV scenes. Memorable melodies and distinctive vocals with confidence and personality are ideal. Male or Female vocal is okay. Please do not submit songs with any third-party samples that need to be cleared. Must have instrumental versions of your songs available, but please DO NOT send instrumentals until you've received confirmation that you've been selected.

You must own and control the copyright of submitted songs. If selected, you must agree to allow Hit Song Central the non-exclusive right to administer the synchronization and master use licenses for selected songs. (This is because Music Supervisors for TV and Film want songs to be easy to clear)

This is a non-exclusive licensing agreement, with a 50/50 split. Revenue varies according to types of use. Unlike most music libraries, we don't re-title songs or take any of the publishing. You retain all rights to your songs.

*There is no guarantee that your song(s) will be selected for inclusion in our catalog. Please send only your best song(s) which would appeal to the demographic stated above. If your song(s) is selected, you will receive an email with further instructions. If you don't hear back, your song was not selected. As a boutique company, we don't have the staff to respond to every submission. Thank you for your understanding.*

To submit your songs for consideration, please FOLLOW THE SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS at www.hitsongcentral.net. Thank you.***

We look forward to working with you!


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