Thursday, February 2, 2012


Sitting here listening to the Solid Gold Oldies and can't help wonder what happened to dancing cheek to cheek... those were the best times!  I remember getting the butterflies when the person I liked would walk up to me and ask me to dance and to feel him bring me close to his body where I could feel the rhythm  of his body, the smell of his manly cologne... hmmm I am cruisin into the past when things and times were simple... now a days we are all so disconnected.. we don't dance like we use too, we don't wait by the phone for that call, we don't sit at the table anymore, kids are raising themselves, they don't play outside they only interact with violence and non reality issues that is fed to us on a daily basis thru TV!  Truly so so sad.  Then they ask what is wrong with our society today.  hmmm.... I wonder

Which was your favorite oldie? where does it take you to? lets share those moments with everyone and take them to how wonderful those times were.  Have you found that person you shared that favorite oldie time on Facebook? or better yet did you marry him?

Mine was Paul Anka.... "Put Your Head on My Shoulder" it takes me back to Carlos Brito my high school sweet heart!  Looking back I realized how amazing of a person he was... and if I could go back in time he would be my husband today!  Unfortunately Carlos was killed by a drunk driver at the peak of his life ;-( !  two weeks after graduating from LSU as a Chemical Engineer.
Whats your story??? 

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