Sunday, February 5, 2012

Knowing What To Ignore

If you’re going to live in victory, you have to be selective about what you give your time and attention to. You have to know which thoughts, comments and people to ignore.
Jesus had a lot of opposition in His ministry with people questioning and challenging Him. But all the while, He stayed focused. What we learn from Jesus is He didn’t try to make every critic understand why He did things the way He did or set every record straight. He was focused on what His Father called Him to do.
In the same way, in order to fully reach your God-given destiny and be effective, there will be some critics in life that you will have to ignore their insults, opinions and speculations; you’ll have to lay them aside. That means keeping your eyes on God and focusing on what He says about you. He approves you, and that’s all that matters.
When others don’t give you their approval, when others are talking about you, learn to ignore it and let it go so you can reach your God-given destiny. God has already equipped and empowered you with everything that you need.
Don’t waste your valuable time trying to play up to people, trying to win over all your critics, trying to prove to someone that you’re important. God approves you, and that’s all that matters! Your future is too big to get distracted by small battles!

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