Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Inky Boy - Somethin for Everyone

Inky aka Inky Boy, born Michael Anthony Cerra on March 5 1982 in Johnson City New York, has been doing music for 4 years. His major influence in music has been Young Jeezy, Eminem, Lloyd Banks, Cam'ron, Jadakiss, and Faboulous. His style of music and his voice are not all that common, and he has a physical appearance to match. At 5’10” 210 pounds and covered in tattoos, this artist is sure to turn heads. This New York native graduated high school in 2000 and joined the Military in 2001. Discharged honorably in 2005 he now resides in Jacksonville Florida. Starting his music dreams in his friends spare room to Young Jeezy beats, this artist is quickly taking the ears of all crowd types with his club style of music. A very diverse artist that can write music to any type of beat or style of music, that is sure to catch the ears of all those who listen. 
Inky has had some things in life to overcome. Coming from a broken family, he had to fend for himself at age 18. Making some wrong choices landed him the final option of joining the military. Once discharged from the military Inky was once again making some of those same choices. Seeing his best friend go to jail, Inky chose to leave that lifestyle behind him and focus on a music career. This talented artist is all about enjoying life and turning it into a party, which is preached in his club style of music which he creatively writes on his own. Performed Across the country from Fresno California to Dallas Texas to Atlanta at the Hot Block Music Awards to Jacksonville Florida.


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