Friday, December 16, 2011

Facebook Music Sales +481% On Nimbit Platform This Holiday Season

In a recent blog entitled "Why We Care about Facebook." Nimbit has revealed some interesting sales statistics that point toward the validity of Facebook and social networks as a viable platform for artists and bands to sell and promote their music. 

Starting about 15 months ago, Nimbit reported that they began to see a sharp increase in the percentage of sales that users of their direct-to-fan platform were receiving from Facebook. This figure hit 49.67% in the past month. 

More startling were the actual sales figures themselves. Nimbit reports that the average daily sales per active Facebook store have increased +128% since they updated their Facebook storefront in September, and sales for September through November in 2011 are up +481% versus 2010%

Nimbit attributes the increase in sales to the new promotional capabilities of their Spotlight Store for Facebook, along with artists launching more effective promotions on Facebook using the Spotlight store. 

Read the Nimbit blog for more details on the sales figures, to get links to tips on selling and promoting on Facebook, and to see examples of their Spotlight Store for Facebook. 


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