Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Are you prepared to get chills? Lucy Iris ~

Meet Lucy Iris. Born June 27th 1982 in Jacksonville Florida,
Jennifer Dansereau adopted name Jennifer Horne..
After so many different names given to her no wonder
she gave herself a name of her own! That my friends
is only a twinkle in Lucy's eye. She knows what
she wants and goes for it. Her whole life has been dedicated
to music and expressing herself through her own words.
At a young age she was mesmerized by the mad fantasy world
of art and eagerly pursued unlocking that magic door.

One summer when she was twelve she called local recording
studios sang to them and boldy asked for a record deal.
She soon discovered that they only recorded demo's and went back
to the grind of development. She attended Douglas Anderson School
of the Arts and studied classical music at the age of 13.
At the age of 15 Lucy opened up for superstar Vince Gill with a
vibrant crowd of 40,000 strong. "The experience was the purest
wave of excitement in the world",says Lucy. Her schedule
immediately ran wild opening for many other big names
such as Shania Twain, Martina Mcbride, Jessica Andrews
etc... the list goes on and on. From there she competed in
The Colgate Country showdown in nashville Tennessee at The
Grande Ol' Opry and succeeded thousands of contestants claiming the
national title of 2001's best new act. Since then she has
spread her wings and revisted the roots of her youth which
sink deep into the heart of pop rock music.

She is here to be a heroine in the pop rock industry.
A woman with a microphone and so many stories to share with everyone.
Her exploration of many types of music seem to echo in her
arrangements and lyrics. She seems to have taken the best
from her favourite styles to make her album.

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