Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Benefit concert event to raise funds for medical bills and a much needed triple bypass surgery


Every once in a while we get to do great things for great people. Gary Crawford is one of those people. You will rarely see Gary without a smile on his face, laughing and joking about well, just about anything. What you will not see is just how much Gary has endured, what he is struggling with and the help he desperately needs. To say the last few years have been trying is a severe understatement. Since late 2009, Gary has been battling with one medical catastrophe after another. His strength, determination and character are a testament as to what one person can truly battle through and overcome. This time however, we need your generous support to help Gary get the surgery that is so critical that he receives.

In November 2009, Gary was involved in a hit and run motorcycle accident. Gary does not have medical insurance and therefore he was denied the crucial surgery. to repair his crushed leg. In an amazing feat many could not do, Gary learned how to set and cast his broken leg on his own and did so for months until he was out of a wheel chair and walking again. On the heels of trying to recover from this accident, Gary had a heart attack in September 2010. He had emergency surgery and stints and fought his way back from another severe medical scare. Gary has prescriptions that are basically keeping him alive until he can have the triple bypass surgery he needs. Unfortunately a self employed single father finds it difficult to pay  for expensive monthly prescriptions that are on top of the mounting medical bills and cannot foresee the ability to pay for another surgery. 

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