Friday, August 12, 2011

Submission for Independent Film

While this is not for tons  of money, I know that there are many artists out there who would like the opportunity to have a piece of their music in a film. Here is the rundown:

Media: Independent Film

Need: Stalker / Love Song Hybrid Ballad.  Need a song that could be interpreted as a stalker song and/or a love song - for example "Every Breath You Take"  by The Police.

Budget: US$500.00 all-in

Submission Deadline:  12 August 11

Vocals: Yes. Must be Female vocals. No instrumentals. No male vocals.

Song Style:  Credible / Authentic /Professional sounding female ballad in the style of Katy Perry, Faith Hill, Kesha, Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Pink.  Song must be a happy sounding romantic song, but yet it must have all the lyrical elements that make it interpretable as a stalker song.  Straight love songs will not work here. And nothing dark and depressing will work either.  I am looking for a positive sounding love song that can also be easily interpreted as a stalker song, and the production value must be solid and professional.

The publishing and master ownership will be split 50-50 with the brokerage company.

Send your submission(s) to:   luongo.john@gmail.com

***  BE SURE TO HAVE THE SUBJECT OF YOUR EMAIL READ:  "The Connexion Music Group referred me"

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