Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ReverbNation Launches Facebook Music Promotion System For Artists, Record Labels And Venues

ReverbNation, the leading provider of marketing, promotion and social media tools for over 1.7 million artists and music industry professionals, today announced the public launch of PROMOTE IT, the first end-to-end music promotion system designed to help artists, labels and venues reach more fans on Facebook and drive deeper fan engagement.
Artists, labels and venues can use PROMOTE IT to quickly and easily run campaigns that:

• Promote songs to reach new fans
• Promote Facebook Pages to increase exposure
• Promote shows to boost attendance and ticket sales
• Promote releases to drive song sales 

"Facebook is the ultimate social platform of our time and we wanted to build a tool that harnessed that social power to drive the outcomes every artist, label and venue wants — more song plays, sales, downloads, shares, likes, email subscribers, and ticket sales," explained Jed Carlson, co-founder and chief operating officer of ReverbNation. "The outcomes so far with the Beta version of PROMOTE IT have been stunning and we're excited to be rolling it out now to everyone in the music industry."

PROMOTE IT campaigns take only minutes to set up, start at just $25, and are fully automated, including ad creation, precise fan targeting, custom landing pages, and actionable results reporting. Since PROMOTE IT's limited Beta release in April, users have run over 18,000 campaigns on the platform. Every day, the system gathers data and, overseen by a team of experts, incorporates improvements into all subsequent campaigns. 

"I've been promoting my music online for a long time and I've never worked with a company that understands artists' needs like ReverbNation," said Brian Hazard of Color Theory, an electronic artist and active online marketer. "PROMOTE IT takes only minutes to set up and you'd be hard pressed to create a Facebook ad campaign that outperforms it. It's the ultimate 'set it and forget it' fan-making machine!" 

Built for music industry from the ground up, PROMOTE IT is designed to maximize the fan interactions that happen after an ad is clicked. Detailed, real-time reporting provides a window into who those fans are, and how they are engaging. "The analytics provided during and after a campaign allow for a clearer insight into what makes each Facebook ad campaign successful," said Marc Jetton, Label Manager at Sargent House/Rodriguez Lopez Productions. "It's a very cool new tool that I anticipate using quite often now and in the future." 

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