Thursday, August 18, 2011

Music Industry Blogs

Hypebot – Best and most up to the minute coverage of the entire digital music industry,
written by booking superstar Bruce Houghton. http://hypebot.com/
Indie Music Tech – Tech music news by Duncan Freeman (founder of BandMetrics).
Music Think Tank – Collective of music industry thought leaders. Allows for indies to
write articles as well. http://www.musicthinktank.com/
Audible Hype – Best hip-hop industry blog, period. Want to release an indie hip-hop
album, learn from Justin Boland of World Around Records.
Crazed Hits – The music industry’s leading online A&R Blog.
Digipendent – Site run by indie music marketer Danny Dee. Practical music industry
advice. http://www.digipendent.com/
Creative Deconstruction – Written by Refe Tuma, an artist and music industry
visionary, there is some great insight and actionable posts to get you inspired to market
your music. http://www.creativedeconstruction.com/
New Rock Star Philosophy – Great site written by 2 indie music veterans. They also
have a free eBook that is golden reading material. http://newrockstarphilosophy.com/
Eleet Music – Music industry blog written by Kevin English. The guy has crazy
experience and writes some great stuff. http://eleetmusic.com/
Hype Machine – The largest collective of MP3 blogs anywhere. Target these bloggers to
get some good airplay. http://hypem.com/
Evolvor and Gen-Y Rock Stars – Eric, my partner at Label 2.0 still finds some time to
blog about the music industry and my site that looks at indie music and internet
marketing. http://evolvor.com and http://www.genyrockstars.com

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