Friday, August 12, 2011

25 years of professional vocal coaching success


After 25 years of professional vocal coaching success, I know what you need to get to that next level as a singer. I have many clients that come to me before a big performance, TV, for film, auditions and for major vocal development in general. I have many successful clients that stay with me to keep their voice in shape. Even the pros need a great vocal coach to stay on top of their game. I’ve had clients on MTV, American Idol, Making the Band and many other hit TV shows as well as working with new artists through the whole process of recording their first Major Label releases. I’ve also had the honor of working with the Top Record Executives and Management Companies on very many already established acts.
I work seamlessly in every genre and category in the mainstream as well as with unique independent labels and artists.
As a vocal coach I use my technique to bring out the most excitement, authenticity, and personal style that makes a singer a true artist.
I have a very intense program for building power, increasing dynamic range under complete vocal safety.
I take all levels of ability.
I give 1 hour lessons in a top of the line hybrid recording studio where we not only work on technique but record you singing to tracks so we can monitor your performance growth.
Right at the first lesson we locate exactly your strengths and weaknesses, and I will teach you things that will give you an immediate breakthrough.
Breakthroughs need to become habits that sink into cognitive and muscle memory in order to gain the consistency that gives you the confidence you need to feel when your recording or performing.
So we must practice.
I create a tailored CD that focuses on your areas of need so you can work on your voice on a regular basis to facilitate the momentum of your vocal development.
I provide the service of eliminating vocal strain while increasing power, extending dynamic range as well as style and performance ability.
My philosophy on technique is that technique is a servant of your passion, not the other way around.
The Goal of what I do for singers is to remove all obstacles physically and emotionally, to give them everything they need to bring out the freedom to express everything genuine in their heart with total shamelessness and confidence. That’s the ecstatic experience i want people to feel.
….and it definitely changes the game in your career :)

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