Friday, August 12, 2011

Copyright Music, Copyright Songs and Copyright Lyrics Instantly!

Are you a songwriter looking to copyright musiccopyright songs or copyright lyrics?
Did you know that the moment you write a song and record it or write it down, you own it?copyright music, copyright songs, copyright lyrics
Your Intellectual Property is protected by convention in over 160 countries. But anyone in the music business will tell you to NEVER play or distribute your songs until they're registered with a professional 3rd party organization!
There is Copyright infringement happening every day and cases are often fought in court. In order for songwriters to protect their Copyright, they need to prove their ownership with as much certainty as possible.This is where we can help.
Smashcopyright offers a Music and Lyrics Copyright Protection service where you can digitally upload your songs with all your information to our music Archives. We keep it on file and should there ever be a dispute in the future, we will act as an independent 3rd party and will present the song with all the information you submitted + the date it was archived on our database.copyright music copyright songs, copyright lyrics
Find out why songwriters all over the world are using Smashcopyright to protect their musical genius easily and instantly.      

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