Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Coulter brings Arkansas Buzz to Nashville by Brandler Johnson
On a night where a Taylor Swift concert was adding additional congestion to a usually overburden parking situation, Nashville was treated to a one-night only engagement by Ben Coulter and the Delta Outlaws. The five-piece country band from Little Rock, Arkansas played to an appreciative near-capacity crowd at the popular Listening Room.
 Originally from the tiny railroad thoroughfare of Montrose, Arkansas, Ben Coulter has emerged as one of Arkansas' and Little Rock’s favorite sons. A regular on Little Rock television morning shows as well as frequent guest at local radio stations, Coulter has developed a loyal following with his rich and effortless vocals and a songwriting style that blends a combination of traditional Country with a hint of Delta Blues. Often playing as a solo act in the Little Rock club and cafĂ© circuit as well as a bevy of statewide festivals, Coulter recently added the Delta Outlaws and brought his show to the Listening Room in Nashville.
Backed by Zach Gibbons on bass, Kirby Smith on lead guitar, Terry Swilley on harmonica, and Brandon Hogg on the drums, Coulter immediately captivated the audience with his booming voice and soulful southern feel.
 The audience was treated to a wide variety of musical textures as Coulter tapped into his roots and delivered every song with the conviction of a church choir member on any given Sunday. “Mississippi Woman” showcased Coulter’s fondness for the Delta Blues, while “Roll on Train” painted a picture of living in the rural South where the frequent rumble and whistles of the passing trains are still a part of every day life. Perhaps Coulter’s most commercial endeavor came in the form of “Songwriter”, an introspective ballad that quickly brought comparisons to a young George Strait.
 The attentive yet high-energy crowd rewarded Coulter with their focused appreciation after every song in the ninety-minute set and then hung around long after the performance to get signed CDs as well as meet and welcome the up and coming artist to Nashville.  "As published on Examiner.com.  To view the complete article with photos go to:  http://exm.nr/moiJbO9"
You can find out more about Ben Coulter and the Delta Outlaws at www.bencoulteronline.com
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