Thursday, June 9, 2011


La Otra Banda (LOB), born in 2008, with the intentions to fill a different style of music.  Their debut was on 7/25/08, a group of young creatives that stand out in all styles of genres. Currently the band has been invited to many events & venues throughout the country being received with huge crowds. At the present time we are working on our new songs and covers a mix of musical styles known by all, also merging different musical pace for everyone. "When I Saw You" was the first single of "La Otra Banda" (LOB music) Lyrics and Music written and produced by John Paul Villasana. Mix and Mastered by Ramses Joy in L'Squadron Studio, and performed by Eric Corro and Julio Marquez Eric & Julio. They are the new talent of  Eastern Venezuela, specifically the city of El Tigre in the State of Anzoátegui. They hope to reach every household in our country and make their music a unique style full of great rhythm and flavor. La Otra Banda musical artistic is composed of Eric & Julio, being the "La Banda" who are part of this project and which covers the five other musicians who are exceptional:  Rene Medina "Guitar" Román Rivas "Low" Pedro Gomez "Hammer" Cesar Castillo "Drummer" and Carlos Alves "percussionist" They are currently promoting their first single "When I Saw You"  in parallel with their first video by director Endry Rovaz and with this began their first national media tour in February 2011 At this moment they are working on their second promotional song "Do Not Forget Your Face," which will be available in late March 2011. Brining the essence that allows us to get to you the universal language which is music and break the monotone boundaries and give you the best of each one of us ... and to demonstrate once again that there is talent national talent..

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