Saturday, April 9, 2011


For the past 50+ years, NARM has been the trade association for the business of music, providing the central platform for the discussion of industry-wide concerns and spearheading the implementation of initiatives to advance the business. While primarily focused on physical formats for much of its history, NARM has expanded its mission in the past ten years to include all facets of music commerce. This includes physical, digital, and mobile outlets as well as gaming, applications, merchandise, video and other ways music is monetized.
Our general members consists of music wholesalers and retailers, including brick-and-mortar, online and mobile music delivery companies. Our associate members consist of distributors, record labels, multimedia suppliers, technology companies, and suppliers of related products and services. Individual professionals and educators in the field of music are also members.
Current members include such high-profile digital/mobile companies as 7Digital, Amazon, Brightcove, Apple, Cricket, Microsoft, Napster, Nokia, Rhapsody, Verizon, Vevo, & Zed. Supplier members consist of the major and leading independent distributors and aggregators.
Some current NARM programs available to all member companies and their employees include:

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