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Our mission is to nourish children's spirits through creative expression

Angel Builders is a group of women based in Venice, California, dedicated to the belief that the quality of lives of children living in extreme poverty throughout the world can be greatly improved and enriched through specially designed programs of fine arts, music and performance education.
Drug Fighters and Counseling for the Young Generation, aka DFC, is a school in the heart of the Kibera slums, the largest slum in Kenya located in Narobi. This school caters to 262 children and provides three meals a day, six days a week, so the children's basic needs are met. However, the kids natural desire to create and express themselves is greatly hindered without supplies. On our visit the founder of the school told us that she has children who are artistically and musically talented and it would be wonderful to see them with paint brushes in their hands or instruments to play. She longs to find a way for the children to express their feelings and heal their souls, but there are no resources.
Angel Builders is committed to uplifting their spirits, allowing their voices to be heard and give them an outlet to express their inner souls. We will give them the tools so they can sing, dance, paint and play…
Help us create an opportunity for these disadvantage children, who would otherwise never have the chance, to express themselves.

Help Angel Builders to improve the lives of these vulnerable children in disadvantage areas around the world.
All it takes is small steps to make a huge difference. To begin your outreach, Click here.
Help raise awareness of the importance of creative expression to a child's spirit. It is the universal language that connects our world as one. Spread the word through twitter, facebook and other social media outlets. 
If you have a special talent, and would like to donate your services, to shoot a documentary about what we are doing, or marketing, being an art teacher or musician, we are open for your help. 
You to can make a huge difference in a child’s life by raising donations for Angelbuilders in your community. Run a marathon, host a trivia night, or hold a dinner party. Small steps can create big steps. 
Help us create a space to be generous and get these children a paint brush to paint, a drum to beat, and a stage for them to dance and perform. 

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