Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We are in need of a male vocalist from the USA!


A young talented songwriter from Argentina has a song that he wrote in which he versioned into English. Warner Music/Chappell is the company that is publishing his songs. Once he gets a US vocalist and song recorded they will then send the song to Warner Music and Warner Bros. in the US, but he urgently needs a US male singer for them to send the song to. Therefore, we are looking for a great, but really great male singer for him to sing his song. He will send the playback and of course and pay for the recording studio.
In the meantime please send samples of your voice to: Lrovero51@aol.com with "Voice Sample" on the subject line!
Remember this could open many doors for that lucky one! Although the vocalists and song will be used to shop to movies and to potential artists who is to say they don't like your voice and use you? 
 I am waiting for the spansih recorded version but by what he sent me it was more like an Aladdin or The Lion King genre!

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