Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Finally.... DJ Promotions!

Our special service "DJ-Promotion" will offer DJs the possibility to play your tracks on the dancefloor all over the world which is necessary to make your music a successful hit. Thus, DJ-Promotion plays an important role as part of an excellent marketing- and promotion-strategy.

Benefit from our large and up-to-date national and international DJ-Pool that will allow a unique high rate of club and radio plays all around the world!

Get in touch with Redlight-Media NOW to fill the dancefloors with your music!

We will make you an good offer.
Or take our "RAVING PROMOTION". Its 100% free for the labels and will brings your Sound to the world.

Please send your request to:

These Labels we had been working for:

Zooland Records, Kontor New Media, Lovetraxx Records, BeatBox Rec, HouzeBox Rec, HanStone Rec, Balloon Records, Freak Noise Rec and many more.

For All Record Labels and Digital Music Suppliers

Due to the overwhelming amount of music we get, we have found that keeping track of all the product requires a large amount of our time. Many music enthusiasts are simply throwing out product to as many email addresses as possible. This is commonly known as "The Shotgun" approach which does not always work.

A well thought out, properly planned, and diligently executed plan works the best for promoting music. In order for us to help you make an impact with record radio stations, and djs, here are our guidlines for submitting digital music.

You will always get back what you put into your projects. so always give it your best!!

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