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Overnight Sensation-The 3rd solo album from Southern Indiana native, Dax. The long-awaited follow up to 2003's critically acclaimed "The Icarus Syndrome.
Why the long wait? Shortly after releasing "The Icarus Syndrome", Dax formed De-Hydrated. A three piece 80's inspired rock band comprised of Dax and his two best friends. Taking their cue from bands like The Darkness and AC/DC, De-Hydrated set out on a string of mini-tours and various regional shows opening for groups like Bang Tango and Pretty Boy Floyd. In 2006 they released "Sugar in The Raw". Though not as successful as the band had hoped, it has nonetheless become a cult favorite in the region.
After things began winding down with De-hydrated, Dax took some time off from his own pursuits to produce emerging artists Kaine and The Donut Kids. It wasn't until November 2007 that the public glimpsed a sample of Dax's new material with the release of a 3 song EP entitled Much to my Chagrin. The EP showcased a more mature, song-centric writer than its predecessor.
Dax spent the remainder of '07 and '08 writing and recording what would become Overnight Sensation. Like The Icarus Syndrome and Sugar in the Raw, the album was produced by Dax and recorded in his own studio, known as Haight Rite Records; the same name as the independent label he founded in 1997 upon graduating high school to release his debut CD The American Tragedy.
As with The Icarus Syndrome, a diverse array of influences can be heard throughout Overnight Sensation. From the sound of Motley Crue and other 80's metal acts that inspired Dax to start playing guitar in 1988 at the age of nine, to the more contemporary sounds of John Mayer and Ryan Adams, Overnight Sensation is the reflection of an artist that continues to grow and aspires to express himself with sincerity and honesty.
Rife with lyrical acumen and the occasional flash of guitar prowess, it is the sort of album that will only reveal its true potential upon repeated listening. Not a "singles" artist by any means, Overnight Sensation is truly a "listening experience".

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