Monday, September 20, 2010

Some facts you should think about!!

Here's some facts you should think about if you believe your ready to sign to a Major Record Label.  There are currently four Major Record Labels with a number of sub labels owned or operated under their respective umbrellas.
  • Warner Music Group
  • EMI
  • Sony Music/BMG
  • Universal Music Group
Many of the Major Sub Labels and Top Independent labels will accept unsolicited material for you to shop while most Major Labels will not.  Many times talent is located by either an A&R Scout or through referrals by Music Industry Professionals; managers, producers, publishers, or even other national headlining acts.

For most, they will be looking to see if the artist or band has a website or MySpace page with an active playing schedule.  They will look to see how large of a fan base you have and how popular your web page is.  How entertaining are your live shows and is there a video/dvd of your performances available.  Do you have good songwriting skills, uniquely different and will they appeal to a national or global audience.  Are you bigger than life, marketable, energy driven, have a professional attitude and in it for the long haul.

Here are some quotes from some very successful and influential A&R Reps that will give you an idea as to what is important to them: 

♫ “I don’t have time for acts that don’t know who they are or what they want to be. I’d rather work with a pain in the ass than an act that doesn't have a clue.”- Richard Csabai, American Recordings♫ “If you’re an act that has global appeal, you’re going to need global exposure. And a major label can provide that. It’s difficult for most indies, and almost impossible for independent artists, to do what we do.”- Mollie Moore, Atlantic Records

♫ The most important things I’m looking for are the quality of the songwriting, the sound of somebody’s voice, and the potential to be really impressive live” – Chris Briggs, EMI

♫ When you’re dealing with an artist who has quality, that person is going to get discovered” – David Novik, UMG

♫ It´s quite sensible to presume that an artist who is really popular on MySpace could be popular for a bigger audience soon.” – Axel Wirtz, UMG

♫ “For me, within the first 30 seconds the song is good or not. I’m looking for something that catches my attention immediately”- Herve Lauzanne, Columbia Records

♫ "There’s a distinction between a band that’s trying to get a record deal as opposed to a band that’s trying to be successful. Artists who are positioned to be successful are ultimately the ones that we are most interested in."- Avery Lipman, Republic Records

♫ "An artist who doesnt have a web site has lost me."- Jaime Feldman, EMI/Capitol

♫ “Songs and star quality will get my attention. There has to be something I think will make people buy into the artist.” – Matt Harris, Hollywood Records

♫ “Any acts I sign must have a very strong live show. Touring is not crucial but playing is. If an act only plays a few time a year, they’ll lose my interest”. –Mark Jowett, Nettwerk

♫ “An act that I would sign would have an amalgamation of everything coming together. Usually it’s a combination of hit songs, a good story, a great live show and evidence of activity.” – Mollie Moore, Atlantic Records.

In most cases, marketing and promotion can initially be done through an independent label or done by yourself as we have discussed on this site.  The internet and digital distribution has made this easy for the most part. Generally, a Top Independent Labels and Major Record Labels will only be needed when national or global exposure come into play and when the recourses they provide are needed for such things as a large production touring schedule or global recording and video marketing.  A major label will also have the resources to manage your brand, trademarks and copyrights.  Coordinate recordings, film and/or video projects. Oversee the production, manufacturing, distribution, promotion, A&R assignment, and maintain many of the contracts you will undoubtedly be involved with.

Major Labels have been and will always be needed despite changes in he industry.  First get your career off the ground and build a solid foundation. Most of the tools and information your going to need can be found elsewhere on this site.  When your ready...we have got you covered.

We have Recently Updated the Top Independent Labels and Major Record Labels for 2009.  We have included current A&R reps and contact information for many of  the labels listed, so be sure to check them out.

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