Wednesday, August 18, 2010

TalentWatch.net Secures Radio Time For Aspiring Music Artists

TalentWatch, the only destination on the web where aspiring music artists from all over the world showcase their talent and tell their story in an engaging and entertaining video-driven format, selects "The Mo and Bek Show" to help promote the site's artists.

The show's unique format was the reason TalentWatch founder, Gary Alan, approached the seasoned radio duo. "They have a very unique and entertaining format. I like the fact they are open to all genres and very supportive of unsigned music artists. They have over 2.2 million listeners. I'm all for them playing songs of our music artists. I especially look forward to seeing which of the artists on TalentWatch will be interviewed and featured on their weekly shows. We've got some incredible talent on our site. They deserve additional outlets to get their music heard."

Mo & Bek welcome the opportunity to focus their attention on the artists displayed at TalentWatch. "We just love their site. We believe TalentWatch may end up being the world's biggest stage for music artists to launch their career. Heck, it may even be the place to revive your career. They've got a well-designed rating system for music fans, which effectively brings to the forefront artists who deserve additional recognition and exposure. Something else that caught our eye was that every artist on the site must create a personal video to introduce themselves to their future fans. You better believe we're going to use this bit of information in deciding who we want to interview on our show. We're interested in learning more about the artist, what drove them to do what they do, as well as their struggles and sacrifices."

The Mo and Beck Show airs LIVE every Friday from 1:00-3:00 pm eastern standard time on HotMix106.com. To learn more about the show visit http://www.themoandbekshow.com.

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