Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Connexion International Music Festival

The CIMF has been a dream of mine since I was a young teenage girl but due to life circumstances I was unable to follow that dream until recently.

I first launched the CIMF in 2004 in Pensacola Beach, Florida  unfortunately we got hit with a huge inconvenience named Ivan....(hurricane Ivan).  I swiftly moved the Festival to Jacksonville over night and for it being a last minute event in Jax the turn out was great!

The following year we went to Las Vegas and had a huge success but since then the music business/market has not been at its best I chose to hold off until things got better for everyone. Needles to say I have been holding on to this dream of mine and promise to be delivering it again to all those that stood by and or want to be a part of such a great connexion.

I am now living in Los Angeles and working on the festival dilingently and promise to bring it to you soon.

Keep checking in with us for updates!!

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