Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Angels and Music...

Angel Builders mission is to implement art, music and performance programs in schools  globally.  

Lets create the next generation of artists.

At Angel Builders, we firmly believe that self-expression through creativity can help children gain the skills necessary for coping with stress. The arts have been proven to improve self-confidence and emotional clarity especially when kids are facing life's challenges.
Testimonials from Africa and those who feel creative expression is important
"Everybody, just everybody, wants to help with clothes, food, and water, but nobody thinks to bring music and art to the children.I would give my life for this idea. It will do so much for the children who struggle in the slums and villagers" Barbara
Lavrich – Owner of Ol Mesera in Tanzania
"The children are so gifted and talented. Creating programs for the children to learn different creative outlets will give the community around us an appreciation of the vital values of the importance of music and arts in a way they will not forget. It allows us to send important messages out to the world on AIDS, drug abuse and geographical awareness both locally and internationally it's the universal language"
Agnus Musau – founder of Drug fighters and counseling, Kenya
"Through participation in school music programs, students gain a sense of discipline, self-esteem, and pride of accomplishment, and they learn to excel in teamwork, problem solving, leadership, and creative thinking" – Dorothy A.
StraubMENC President

Art is beauty. It's the one place where people, despite their circumstances, can express something unique and joyful. Angel Builders will play a vital role in assuring that it continues to flourish everywhere without prejudice or financial limitations. Angel Builders scope of operations will be focused in Africa where aid efforts have already begun with the support of such groups as Drug Fighters Council, located in the Kibera Slums of Nairobi, Kenya, and will continue to expand to other troubled areas throughout the world.We are all one, it is not just a pious belief, but a statement of actual fact. To achieve our goals, we need the help of people just like you. Help us build this magic space for creative healing today.


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